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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students may apply for admission to the Joint JD+LLM Program at the time of application to the JD Program (Direct Admission) or at any time prior to the last semester of the completion of the JD Program. Students applying for Direct Admission to the Joint JD+LLM Program must check the appropriate box on the JD application and submit the required essay.

Applicants admitted directly to the JD+LLM Program must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.80 at the end of their first academic year to continue their enrollment as a JD+LLM student. Students who do not meet the minimum GPA will continue their enrollment as a JD student provided they meet the requirements of that program. These students may reapply for admission to the JD+LLM Program after raising their cumulative GPA to 2.80 or higher. 

College of Law students enrolled in the JD Program may apply for admission for the JD+LLM Program at any time prior to completion of the JD Program. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80 and submit the joint JD+LLM application form and required essay indicating their reason(s) for applying to the program. The application, essay, and resume should be submitted to the Office of Admissions. Upon admission, the student will receive a letter of admission to the JD+LLM Program and the student's program/plan will be changed to JD+LLM. 

JD students admitted to the Joint JD+LLM Program in their final year may not be able to complete all program requirements within three years. Students electing to delay their anticipated JD program degree conferral for an additional semester to complete the requirements of the LLM will not receive certification to sit for the bar examination until the end of the semester in which they receive the Joint JD+LLM degree.

Credit and Program Requirements

JD+LLM students must complete all program requirements of the JD Program and the specific LLM Program to which they have been admitted. Traditional JD students must complete 86 semester hours. Traditional LLM students must complete 24 semester hours after earning a JD degree. Students admitted to the joint program will be permitted to simultaneously apply 9 semester hours of qualifying courses toward both degrees. Therefore, in addition to the 86 hours required to earn the JD, Joint JD+LLM students must earn 15 semester hours to complete the LLM. With Summer enrollment, the JD+LLM may be completed in three years. JD students electing to enter the combined program in their final year who are not able to satisfy the credit requirements or complete the required courses for their LLM will enroll in an additional semester at the College of Law in order to complete the LLM requirements.

Students completing the course requirements for the JD+LLM must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 in order to earn the JD+LLM. Students who complete all required coursework with a GPA below 2.5, but at or above the minimum 2.00 GPA required to earn the JD, will be awarded the JD and a certificate in the area of their LLM coursework. 

To receive the joint degree, students must complete the requirements of both degrees in the same semester and in the same academic year. Credits that can be applied to both degrees will be applied only after the student concurrently completes both programs. A student who graduates from the JD Program without having been admitted to the Joint JD+LLM Program prior to graduation must apply for traditional admission to the LLM Program and complete the 24 semester hours required for graduation.

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