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Reporting Policies

​​While we strive to be a civil and cooperative community, we recognize that these values may be impacted by someone's behavior or actions.  If you find yourself in a situation where you need support or to report the conduct of members of our community, every staff member in the Office of Student Affairs is available and willing to assist you.  If you are more comfortable speaking with other College of Law faculty or staff members, we encourage you to do so.  You also have the option of going directly to other central University resources, if that is your preference. 

Please understand that depending on the nature of the complaint, the College of Law may be required to direct those complaints to the main Division of Student Affairs, Title IX officer or other university administrators for review and resolution. The College of Law’s Office of Student Affairs works closely with the Division of Student Affairs when complaints are directed to them.​​​​

The ABA Standards for a Program of Legal Education require that all ABA-accredited law schools provide students with an opportunity to notify the administration of a significant problem that directly implicates the law school’s program of legal education and its compliance with the ABA Standards.

Reporting a Complaint

  1. A student who wishes to file a formal complaint must submit a written statement (hard copy or email) to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.
  2. The complaint must describe in detail the behavior, program, or process complained of, and indicate how it implicates the College of Law’s program of legal education and its compliance with an identified ABA standard.
  3. The complaint must provide the name of the student submitting the complaint and the student’s email address.

Resolving a Complaint

  1. The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs shall investigate and, if deemed necessary, attempt to resolve the complaint within 14 business days of the filing of the written complaint.
  2. If resolution is not possible, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs will refer the matter to the appropriate administrator, administrative body, or an administrative official designated by the Dean or the Dean's designee.
  3. If referral of the complaint is made as referenced above, the administrator, administrative body or Dean's designee shall investigate and, if deemed necessary, attempt to resolve the complaint within 30 business days of the date of referral by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.
  4. Within in five business days of the conclusion of the investigation, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs shall communicate in writing to the complainant the findings of the investigation and the intended actions, if any, to be taken by the College of Law.

Appealing a Complaint

  1. The student may appeal the decision within 10 business days of receiving the findings of the investigation.
  2. The appeal must be in writing (hardcopy or email) and sent to the College of Law Dean.
  3. The Dean will respond to the student within 20 business days of receiving the appeal.
  4. The decision of the Dean shall be final.

Record of the Complaint

The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs shall maintain a record of the complaint and any supplemental documentation, including documentation of the final resolution, in a confidential manner from the date of the final resolution through the next review of the College of Law by the ABA Accreditation Committee.

The DePaul University Anti-Discrimination Policy can be found here. Students who have experienced some type harassment or discrimination should contact the Lincoln Park Campus Division of Student Affairs  to file a complaint.

Student also may anonymously report a complaint of discrimination, harassment or retaliation to the Misconduct Reporting Hotline.

The University’s Reporting Misconduct & Non-Retaliation Policy also describes the responsibility to report certain information applicable to this policy.

Concerns about full-time faculty should be directed to Dean Allison Tirres, and concerns about adjunct faculty should be directed to Dean Allison Ortlieb.  However, students are always welcome to start with the Office of Student Affairs if they have any questions or concerns about their professors.

If a student has received a physical threat or is concerned for their immediate safety, he or she should call 911 or contact Public Safety.

Public Safety (24 hours a day/7 days a week)

  • Lincoln Park: 773-325-7777
  • Loop: 312-362-8400

Lincoln Park Safety Escort Service (6 p.m. - 6 a.m.)

  • 773-325 (SAFE) (773-325-7233)

To report allegations of sex or gender-based discrimination, harassment or violence, including sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking,  please refer to the Title IX section of the Dean of Students office page. DePaul’s Title IX Policy can be found here.

DePaul University and the College of Law maintain additional policies and procedures for filing complaints regarding specific conduct.