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JD/MA in International Studies

The JD/MA in International Studies with the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (LAS) provides you with knowledge of the political, economic and cultural environment in which international law is developing. Structured around international political economy and global culture, the program is particularly appropriate for law students with strong foreign language or social science backgrounds who wish to pursue careers as international legal specialists.

To be accepted to the joint degree program, students must complete at least 28 credits in the College of Law with a minimum grade point average of 3.00. They apply to the LAS graduate program after their first semester in law school.

For completion of the JD/MA degree students must meet all criteria for completion of the JD and the MA while taking a minimum of five international law electives in the College of Law. In addition, students must complete a year-long six course core sequence in International Studies. See more in the University Catalog​.  Finally, students complete a three quarter 12-credit sequence in International Studies leading to completion of an MA thesis. Please visit the International Studies website for complete program requirements.​​