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Academic Advising

Academic Advising
The College of Law provides personalized advising and  support to all students regarding course planning,  registration and graduation requirements. Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Maria Vertuno also provides guidance and support with respect to bar applications, character and fitness, and law school certification requirements.  

For students interested in focusing their studies in a particular area of law, the College offers myriad pathways for specialization through its Programs of Excellence, Joint Degree Programs, and Certificate Programs.   The College of Law also has a diverse range of Centers, Institutes & Initiatives, which offer students the opportunity to engage with faculty across a wide range of disciplines through research, experiential learning and advocacy. For additional information, students can consult the director of student advising or the faculty advisors in the various program areas. 

Students seeking additional support in their studies, beyond guidance about choosing courses or areas of concentration, can take advantage of the law school’s Academic Success Program (ASP). The College of Law also provides bar exam preparation and support for students through its Bar Passage Program.