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Dual Degree Programs

The College of Law offers specialized joint degree programs in partnership with several other colleges at DePaul and a top-ranked law school in Spain.

  • BA/JD 3+3 Program

      Key Program Features:
    • • Students earn a bachelors degree and a law degree (Juris Doctor) in a total of six years.
    • • Students save one year’s worth of tuition, reducing their overall debt load.
  • JD/MA in International Studies

      Key Program Features:
    • • Provides knowledge of the political, economic and cultural environment in which international law is developing.
    • • Structured around international political economy and global culture.
  • JD/Master in International & European Business Law

      Key Program Features:
    • • Spend a fall and spring semester at Universidad Pontificia Comillas Law School, Madrid.
    • • Study various aspects of international and European business law.
  • JD/MBA

      Key Program Features:
    • • Offers a well-rounded curriculum of business administration with 30 concentrations in the area of their choice.
    • • Accredited by AACSB International.
  • JD/MS in Computer Science Technology

      Key Program Features:
    • • Designed to deepen  technical expertise while obtaining a law degree.
    • • Preparation to be drafters, negotiators, and litigators when seeking to obtain and protect inventions, and trademarks among other duties.
  • JD/MS in Public Service Management

      Key Program Features:
    • • Interdisciplinary program that draws on areas of sociology, economics, political science, law and the human service professions.
    • • Promotes policies and practices of social equality through the delivery of affordable, quality services to those in greatest need.
  • JD/LLM

      Key Program Features:
      • • Health Law
      • • Intellectual Property Law
      • • International Law
      • • Taxation