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Study Abroad

DePaul College of Law offers international exchanges, practicums and study abroad opportunities in some of the world's most captivating cities. Our unique immersion experiences focus on international legal issues ranging from financial transactions to employment law to human rights, while presenting you with an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of another country.

Summer Programs

Intersession Programs

Semester and Yearlong Programs

Educational Objectives

DePaul College of Law encourages its students to engage in foreign study as part of their progress toward the award of the JD degree. The college supports a number of study abroad programs that allow students to incorporate periods of foreign study into their JD curricula.

The College of Law has four key objectives that underscore its commitment to these foreign study opportunities. First, in-country programs provide our students with a deep exposure to particular foreign cultures, mores, legal systems and languages in order to enhance their overall educational experience. Second, in-country programs improve our students’ competence in studying international law by allowing them to study the subject in contexts where they learn how countries other than the United States engage with the transnational system. Third, in-country programs better equip our students to seek employment in a globalizing legal profession and in affiliated fields where international experience and knowledge is an advantage. Fourth, in-country programs enable our students to develop a cosmopolitan and global outlook that will make them better professionals and contributors to society when they enter the legal profession.