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Who We Are: Building a Strategic Vision

DePaul Law building
DePaul University College of Law is an urban law school, uniquely connected to Chicago and the world. The school aspires to have every student who graduates benefit from its connections to the global city of Chicago. The College of Law adopts a local, urban focus, but also provides an education that promotes a global disposition towards the practice of law, one that recognizes an interconnectedness between legal systems that transcends national and cultural boundaries.

A law school with an urban mission must model itself on the diversity of the city it seeks to serve— facilitating meaningful inclusion of racially, culturally, and economically diverse students, staff and faculty. The College of Law embraces this inclusion not only because doing so is consistent with its mission, but also because complex problem solving is enhanced by diverse groups of people working in collaboration. The school also seeks to integrate this important mission with activities that are consistent with empowering the disadvantaged and tackling the city’s most intractable problems.

Future lawyers need to develop fluency with legal technology, along with business expertise and professional management skills. In the next five years, the school aims to develop and integrate core areas of competency across the curriculum in these three areas: technology, business acumen, and professionalization.

The College of Law has opportunities to excel in particular areas. The plan envisions building curriculum, degree programs, cross-campus collaborations, and community partnerships across five primary areas of excellence. Each area builds on our current strengths, relates to the broader mission of the university, and is also a confirmed area of growth and innovation in the legal profession:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Health, Intellectual Property and Information Technology
  • Public Interest, Government and Public Service
  • Family and Elder Law
  • Migration, Mobility and Human Rights