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JD/Master in International & European Business Law

The JD/MIEBL is a three-year joint degree program that offers students the opportunity to learn the law governing international business transactions in the European Union. The program is designed to prepare highly skilled legal professionals to fully understand the rules governing international business and the internal market.

Program participants may also gain practical experience in transnational law through Universidad Comillas' internship program.

"The MIEBL has definitely been the highlight of my education. Partners from large international law firms taught many courses in the program. Their experience and knowledge made the classes very practical and interesting. I would highly recommend the JD/MIEBL to anyone looking for international law experience." - Erich Ekenstam, JD candidate ’13

Conducted in English, the program features a two-semester immersion module at Pontificia Universidad Comillas School of Law in Madrid, the highest-ranked private law school in Spain.

Program Structure

Year one: First-year studies focus on JD curriculum. Second semester, students apply for admission to the master's portion of the dual-degree program. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

Year two: Second-year studies concentrate on MIEBL coursework at Pontificia Universidad Comillas, Madrid. Course credits count toward the 86 credit hours required for a DePaul JD and are equivalent to two semesters in the DePaul JD program.

Year three: Students satisfy all remaining DePaul JD requirements, including Legal Analysis, Research & Communication (LARC) III; Legal Profession, an approved professional skills course and an approved advanced legal writing course.

"The JD/Master in International and European Business Law program offers a unique opportunity to learn from some of Spain's leading legal professionals and professors. By participating in this program, I not only gained a better understanding of international business law, I gained an understanding of how global issues impact international corporate practices. I highly recommend this program to any student that has an interest in international business law." - Matt Dolinka, JD candidate '13

Courses and Degrees

Required MIEBL coursework is structured around four main modules and is complemented by practical seminars, clinics and a master's thesis. List of courses can be found at the Pontificia website.

Students receive a JD from DePaul University College of Law and a Master's in International and European Business Law from Pontificia Universidad Comillas, Madrid.

The JD/MIEBL program meets all relevant ABA criteria for student study at a foreign institution.

Universidad Comillas makes an effort to place program participants in Madrid in legal internships, so that in addition to their academic work students also can gain practical experience in the practice of transnational business law. Many MIEBL program participants have been placed in internships at prestigious law firms.​​