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Jennifer Rosato Perea
Dean & Professor of Law

Benjamin E. Alba
Director of Academic Success

Wendy Netter Epstein
Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Professional Development
Professor of Law

Jamie Kleppetsch
Director of Bar Passage

Deborah A. LaGioia
Assistant Dean, Compliance & Communications ​

Kathryn Liss​
Assistant Dean & Director, Law Career Services
Executive Director, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck Family Law Center

Allen Moye
Associate Dean for Information Technology and Library Services
Director, Rinn Law Library
Associate Professor of Law

Amanda Noascono
Dean & Director,  Law Admissions; Chief of Administration

Allison I. Ortlieb
Assistant Dean, Academic Operations;
Senior Professional Lecturer, Legal Writing

Martha A. Pagliari
Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning
Senior Professional Lecturer

Allison Brownell Tirres
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives
Associate Professor of Law

Maria L. Vertuno
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs