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JD/MPA in Public Administration


Offered jointly with the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences’ School of Public Service, the JD+Masters in Public Administration (MPA) promotes effective management of government agencies and fosters development of sound public policies affecting the delivery of social services. The MPA program balances theoretical and applied approaches to contemporary challenges of administration and policy analysis, and offers courses such as ethical leadership and government financial administration. Following the tradition of St. Vincent de Paul, the Public Administration program devotes special attention to policies and practices that promote social equity through delivery of affordable, quality services to those in greatest need.

Traditional JD students must complete 86 credit hours to graduate from the College of Law. However, under a joint degree program, a student earns the JD degree after completing a minimum of 76 credit hours. The College of Law applies up to 10 credit hours toward the JD degree for work completed in the other graduate degree program. Traditional Public Administration students must complete 52 credit hours to receive the MPA degree. However, under the joint degree program, students are required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours. The Public Administration program will accept up to 16 credit hours for work completed in the College of Law. A joint degree student may not receive credit for courses that create a redundancy in coursework.

Students pursing the JD+MPA will complete the core requirements of the MPA degree and not pursue a concentration. Please visit the Public Administration catalog for complete program information.

Program Requirements Semester Hours
JD Requirements 76
Total hours required 76
Program Requirements Quarter Hours
MPA Requirements 36
Total hours required 36

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