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BA/JD 3+3 Program

In the 3 + 3 BA/JD Program, high-achieving first-year undergraduate students are admitted simultaneously to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences or the College of Communication, and the College of Law. Students complete their first three years in the College that hosts their BA program and their final three years in the College of Law. Students receive the Bachelor of Arts degree after successful completion of their first year of law school. Throughout the program, BA/JD students meet regularly with advisors in both colleges and have access to a variety of resources to ensure their success.

Key Program Features

  • Earn a bachelor's degree and a law degree (Juris Doctor) in six years.
  • Save one year’s worth of tuition. 
  • Benefit from new curricular offerings and collaborative activities. 
  • Receive early (conditional) admission to the College of Law. 
  • Earned credits during first year of law school apply toward the BA degree. 
  • Students may opt out of the College of Law segment of the program and continue in the College that hosts their BA program during their fourth year. 
  • If students withdraw after the first semester in the College of Law, they return to the College that hosts their BA program for the winter quarter. 

Application Information

Begin the application process by contacting our Undergraduate Admission Office.