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DePaul's JD/LLM (Juris Doctor/Master of Laws) program gives students an opportunity to intensively develop knowledge and practice skills in a specific area of law, earning two degrees in only three years of study. Students in the program may simultaneously earn a JD and an LLM, an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree, in one of four areas of concentration: Health Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law or Taxation. DePaul is one of only a few law schools in the nation to offer this accelerated joint degree option.

The JD/LLM program is designed to provide students with advanced training through a personalized educational experience. Students learn directly fromĀ and connect with faculty experts in their area of study and are exposed to numerous networking opportunities with alumni and practitioners in the field. Students also benefit from the programs overall flexibility, including customized course schedules and the option to enroll at any time during the JD program. Students may choose to complete a masters thesis or enroll in an intensive writing course to tailor their experience.


Students may apply for admission to the joint JD/LLM program at the time of application to the College of Law (direct admission) or at any time prior to the completion of the JD program.

Direct Admission

If applying for direct admission to the JD/LLM program, students must indicate this selection on the JD application and submit the required essay.

Applicants admitted directly to the JD/LLM program must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.8 at the end of their first academic year. Students who do not meet the minimum GPA will continue enrollment as a JD student provided they meet the requirements of the program. Students may reapply for admission to the JD/LLM program after raising their cumulative GPA to 2.8 or higher.

Current JD Students

DePaul students already enrolled in the JD program may apply for admission to the joint JD/LLM at any time prior to completion of the JD degree.

Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80 and submit the joint JD/LLM Application Form and required essay indicating their reason(s) for applying to the program. The application and essay should be submitted to the Office of Admissions. Upon admission, the student will receive a letter of acceptance and the students program plan will be changed to JD/LLM.

JD students admitted to the joint JD/LLM in their final year, who are unable to complete all program requirements within three years, may enroll in an additional semester to complete the LLM. Students electing to delay their anticipated JD degree conferral to complete the LLM will not receive certification to sit for the bar examination until the end of the semester in which they receive the JD/LLM degree.

A student who graduates from the JD program without having been admitted to the joint JD/LLM program prior to graduation must apply for traditional admission to the LLM program.

Download the JD/LLM Application for Current Students


Please visit the LLM program pages for more information or to contact a program director.