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Where can I learn more about 3YP?

Professor David Rodriguez directs the 3YP program. He can be contacted at or (312) 362-7630. Further information and the application will be available on the College of Law website at the beginning of fall semester.​​

Who is eligible to apply?

Full-time students are eligible to apply after successful completion of their first year. Part-time students are eligible to apply after they have completed 28 credit hours.​

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for full-time students is Monday, October 1, 2018 of the 2L year. Part-time student applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.​

How will students be selected?

Students will be selected based on their commitment to spending the final year of law school in simulated and actual practice settings, their academic performance, and the availability of suitable intensive field placement opportunities.​

Am I still allowed to take experiential courses if I am not a 3YP student?

Yes. Non-3YP students can enroll in all but two experiential courses at the College of Law. Only 3YP students enroll in the 3YP Seminar and the intensive (5-9 credit) field placement. The 3YP Seminar helps students build practice skills, provides opportunities for critical reflection, and ensures faculty guidance and mentorship for the intensive field placements.​​

Can I take experiential courses during my second year?

3YP students can take experiential courses during the second year. Up to 6 credit hours of experiential coursework taken before the student’s final year will count toward the total requirement of 24 hours of experiential coursework for 3YP. Students can only enroll in the intensive field placement and 3YP Seminar during their third year.​​