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​​Practicums enable students to simulate legal practice through skills-based offerings taught by experienced practitioners and the law school faculty. By taking these courses, students are able to understand not just the theory of law but also the practice of law in a classroom setting. Through out Human Rights Practicum, students ​work with NGO’s on human rights abuses, and through our Domestic Violence Practicum, they work to protect victims of relational abuse.

Domestic Violence

This course will examine the criminal system response to domestic violence, focusing on the transformation of laws and institutions to address a problem historically conceptualized as "private."​​

Human Rights

​​​​​​​​​​​The International Human Rights Law Practicum (IHRLP) is a full year course that provides students with an opportunity to experience the complex and varied approaches to human rights legal advocacy in an international setting. ​

IHRLI Practicum Application

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International Human Rights Law Practicum Application