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Legal Clinics

​Legal Clinics allow law students to practice law with actual clients facing real legal issues. After the student’s first year in law school learning the theory of the law, Legal Clinics enable law students to hone their lawyering skills through actual legal practice as a second or third year law students. The law school offers a number of Legal Clinics in different practice areas so students can build their practice skills in a particular practice area while also building practice experience on their resume. The law school offers In-House Clinics and Field Clinics.

In-House Clinics are legal clinics housed within the law school providing legal services to actual clients facing current legal issues. Whether you are an aspiring criminal lawyer looking to hone your trial skills or criminal appellate skills or desire to be a business lawyer, In-House Clinics offer the opportunity to practice in your chosen practice area. If you are interested in counseling asylum seekers to the US or want to practice immigration law, we have in-house legal clinics that will provide you that opportunity. With an In-House Clinic, you will be the primary contact for your client and counseling your client directly on their legal issues. In-House Clinics are semester or year-long and are 3, 4, 5 and 8 credits, depending on the Clinic.

DePaul Law currently offers clinical programs in the following practice areas:

*Not Offered During the 2023-2024 Academic Year

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Please click below for detailed information on each Legal Clinic including skills learned, expected time commitment, duration (one or two semesters), and number of credit hours. Please click below for detailed information about the Legal Clinics' registration process. It also contains an FAQ about the registration process and applicant eligbility. The Legal Clinics Application is also available at the link below during the Legal Clinics' application period.

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