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Field Placement Program

DePaul Law Field Placement Program
With more than 3,500 externship placements since the creation of the Field Placement Program in 1974, the program has become a central part of students' professional skills training at the College of Law. Externships allow students to gain valuable career experience while making important professional contacts. Course credit is offered in exchange for placements with various government agencies, members of the judiciary, nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations and private law firms that meet the Field Placement Program criteria.

The Field Placement Program is available to upper-level students who have completed 28 or more credit hours and who are in good academic standing with at least a 2.0 GPA. Full-time students earn 28 credit hours after the completion of their first year.

Students can complete externships in the spring, summer and fall. Students are limited to two semesters of participation, but if an externship takes place in summer, students may register for up to three semesters of externship credit.​​​​​​