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Legal Writing

At DePaul, legal education is about more than studying cases and theories. It’s about mastering professional skills and gaining the confidence needed to excel in the legal profession.

DePaul’s four-semester Legal Analysis, Research & Communication (LARC) curriculum is a comprehensive introduction to the legal reasoning process. Presented through a series of increasingly complex research exercises and written assignments, the coursework is designed to provide students with tools to hone legal thought and expression.

Students take LARC coursework both semesters of their first year and either fall or spring semester of the second year. The skills taught are interrelated and, as an integrated whole, comprise a unique method of thought and expression essential for lawyers to work successfully in all environments. Each LARC assignment introduces different facets of the legal reasoning process; no single skill functions alone or can compensate for the lack of the others.

Through small classroom sizes, dedicated teaching assistants and individual attention LARC coursework deconstructs the legal thought process and helps students:

  • Develop and communicate legal analysis skills in written and oral form
  • Develop and execute sound, professional legal judgment

LARC Manua​l