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Judicial Clerkships

Lawyers who have clerked for a judge often describe their clerkship as one of the defining moments of their legal careers. They are considered to be among the most prestigious and competitive employment opportunities available to recent law school graduates and alumni. Usually lasting one to two years, clerks at all court levels obtain unparalleled access to and knowledge about the judicial process. Additionally, a judicial clerk is exposed to a wide variety of legal issues and is able to make a hands-on contribution to the judicial decision-making process. This experience and perspective is attractive to future legal employers.

There is a variety of courtsstate and federal, trial and appellate, specialty. Typically clerks read briefs, attend court proceedings, write bench memoranda analyzing parties' arguments, advise the judge on the disposition of a case, and draft opinions.

We encourage students to schedule an appointment with Dean Chamberlain or Professor Daniel Morales to discuss clerking options.