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Diversity Resources

​​​Diversity and inclusion are long-standing values at DePaul College of Law, and the current diversity and inclusion efforts of the Office of Professional & Career Development (PCD) have grown from this tradition.  PCD works collaboratively with employers, partner organizations and student organizations equally committed to these core values to establish initiatives such as networking events, job fairs, fellowships and mentoring programs.

Job Opportunities

For more diversity-focused opportunities, please see the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s 12 Months of Diversity & Inclusion Opportunities

Diversity Statements 

The diversity statement is a unique and important aspect of the application process for diversity opportunities, and many employers require candidates to include such a statement as a part of their applications materials.  For an overview of how to draft a diversity statement, please see this article.  Your PCD advisor can review your diversity statement and provide you feedback.  Please email them your draft in Word format for suggested revisions/edits.

Programs & Organizations

​​For more diversity-focused resources, please visit the College of Law’s Diversity & Inclusion page.