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Private Sector jobs

Private s​ector employers (for-profit employers) encompasses most legal employers that are neither government employers nor non-profit law and advocacy organizations. The largest pool of private sector employers consists of law firms, covering dozens of different practice areas. Law firms range in size from solo attorneys to thousands of attorneys. In addition to law firms, corporations/companies of all sizes often hire attorneys as in-house counsel or to conduct regulatory compliance in a wide range of practice areas. The Office of Professional & Career Development provides resources for students of every class year to identify and connect with private sector organizations, including:

  • Vincent Jobs Board, a class-year specific jobs board for all employers recruiting at DePaul.
  • The 4orMore List a directory of every law firm in the Chicago area that has at least 4 attorneys, with contact information and any alumni that we know of who work for the firm.
  • Informational and mock interviews with alumni connected to DePaul, by request.

In addition to the resources available at DePaul, there are a number of places that students may look for open private sector positions, particularly post graduate positions, including: