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Misdemeanor Legal Clinic

Fall or spring semester: 4 credits

The Misdemeanor Clinic provides students with a vertical criminal defense representation experience. Students will represent defendants in pending Illinois criminal misdemeanor cases from beginning to end. This includes the initial client interview; client education and advice at different stages of the case; all aspects of motion and trial preparation; case-specific legal research, investigation techniques and strategies; witness preparation; negotiation with the government; and preparation for a bench or jury trial. Students contribute to class sessions after reading assigned materials, attend weekly progress meetings with the professor, and participate in role-playing sessions. Students are not only expected to work on your own case, but also to have a working knowledge of your colleagues' cases.

Course Information

Instructor: Robert Gevirtz
Instruction: This course is a combination of lecture, in-class discussion, skills instruction, and client counseling.
Number of Students: Up to 8 per semester.
711 License: Students must be eligible for a 711 license.
Prerequisites: None.
Eligibility: Only current 2L and 3L students are eligible to apply.