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Civil Litigation & Health Law Clinic

​​​​Fall or spring semester: 3 credits

The Civil Litigation and Health Law Clinic teaches fundamental litigation and advocacy skills by representing clients in a variety of litigation and administrative matters such as evictions, employment disputes, consumer law lawsuits, and breach of contract matters as well as health law matters such as representing patients in disputes with insurance companies and representing clients in accessing benefit matters. Students interview clients and witnesses, draft pleadings, discovery requests, discovery responses, and dispositive motions, and engage in settlement negotiations, trial work, administrative hearings and, if necessary, appellate practice. Students complete the clinic with knowledge and skills that they can use in any litigation environment and helps prepare them for practice in health law advocacy.

"I gained valuable information from countless class discussions about civil litigation and about the relevant cases we were a part of. I also gained valuable information/skills in drafting the cross-examination of the defendant/witness and by having the ability to be involved in trial prep. My advice [for future legal clinic students] would be to step out of your comfort zone and go all in. It's a great type of class and very valuable. Work hard and have fun!"​ 

- Luke, Civil Litigation and Health Law Student

Course Information

Instructor:  David A. Rodriguez
Instruction: This course is a combination of lecture, in-class discussion, skills instruction, and client counseling.
Number of Students: Up to 8 per semester.
711 License: A 711 license is not required to participate in the Civil Litigation and Health Law Clinic.
Prerequisites: None.
Eligibility: Only rising 2L and 3L students are eligible to apply.