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Human Rights

​​​​​​​​​​​​The International Human Rights Law Practicum (IHRLP) is a full year course which provides students with an opportunity to experience the complex and varied approaches to human rights legal advocacy in an international setting. Selected students are placed on a project focused on an ongoing human rights violation. The course begins with an introduction to foundational substantive law and an analysis of the ongoing violation. Next students engage in work to further efforts to bring state parties into compliance under international human rights law to ensure the fundamental rights of local populations. This work includes efforts to investigate human rights violations, document human rights violations, create legal and policy recommendations and advocate to relevant governmental bodies. Through weekly seminars, project assignments and possible travel, students gain a firm understanding of the ways in which international human rights law is implemented at both an international and domestic level. Students work closely with grassroots human rights organizations, international NGOs, U.N. human rights experts and relevant treaty bodies. Students are expected to devote approximately 10 hours per week to the IHRLP in addition to time in the classroom.

Course Information

Instructor: Elizabeth Ward, Executive Director of IHRLI
Instruction: This course is a combination of lecture, in-class discussion, skills instruction including investigatory techniques, and drafting.
Number of Students: Maximum of 10 per academic year. Enrollment by permission only. See application below.
711 License: A 711 license is not required to participate.

Prerequisites: None.
Recommended Courses: 
Eligibility: Only rising 2L and 3L students are eligible to apply.

IHRLI Practicum Application

For further information, please contact Elisabeth Ward at

International Human Rights Law Practicum Application

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