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  • Iraq Human Rights NGO Training Project
  • Iraq Womens Leadership Project
  • Iraq Legal Education Project
  • Compilation of Iraqi Constitutions and Comparative Studies of International Human Rights Standards (Arabic)
    This publication presents an overview of the evolution of Iraqi constitutional thought from 1925 to the present. It contains the full texts of the nation's early basic laws and six previous interim/transitional constitutions and provides a comparative analysis of these texts, as well as a review of Iraqi Constitutions in relation to international human rights law standards. 392 pp. 2005, International Human Rights Law Institute.
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  • Iraqi Constitutional Studies: Basic Principles for the New Iraqi Constitution (Arabic)
    This book presents discussions on the major constitutional issues facing Iraq today written by Iraqi legal professionals - members of the judiciary, practicing attorneys, and academics - who reflect Iraq's cultural and ethnic diversity. It also includes the opinions and views of leading constitutional experts who participated in a symposium on the Iraqi Constitution held at the Baghdad University Faculty of Political Science in October 2004 under IHRLI's Raising the Bar: Legal Education Reform in Iraq Project. 524 pp. 2005, International Human Rights Law Institute.
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  • Gender Justice and Womens Rights in Iraq (Arabic)
    This publication is a compilation of twenty-four specialized essays written by participants of the Gender Justice in Iraq Conference, which was held in Amman, Jordan, November 11-14, 2005. The papers are organized in two parts: Part 1 includes fifteen studies focusing on Womens Issues in Iraq; and Part 2 includes nine studies focusing on Arab Experiences and how Iraqi society can draw on them to improve conditions in Iraq. Part 3 includes the important Recommendations issued by Conference Participants in the form of a Final Communiqu, as well as a List of Participants. 361 pp. 2006, International Human Rights Law Institute.
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  • Iraq Post-Conflict Justice: A Proposed Plan
    In this report, M. Cherif Bassiouni outlines a comprehensive program for the development of a post conflict regime in Iraq that will achieve international credibility and gain local support. The comprehensive program will link international principles with capacity-building within the Iraqi justice system. The goals of the program are: to avoid individual acts of vengeance; provide some closure to victims; support the establishment of a democratic form of government based on the rule of law; restore an independent judiciary; and build the foundations for the democratic future, territorial integrity and national peace of Iraq. This Proposal includes both the English and Arabic versions of the statute of the Iraq Special Tribunal, passed into law by the Iraqi Governing Council on December 10, 2003. 101 pp. 2003, International Human Rights Law Institute.
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