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Health Law Tracks

​​Guided by an outstanding full-time faculty and leading attorneys, the health Law curriculum addresses the growing demand for Lawyers with specialized credentials in this continually evolving field.

In addition to the Health Law certificate, students can tailor their legal education to specific health Law tracks, which provide specialized knowledge to help students increase their marketability. Students must take the two required courses, and then may pick or choose from the remaining health courses offered (detailed below) to reach their credit requirement. Please note, the certificate itself will not indicate a specific track.

Required Courses (all tracks):

  • Law 706 Health Policy and the Law
  • Law 727 Health Care Law Regulations

Corporate Track:

  • Law 734 Health Care Contracts
  • Law 718 Health Care Delivery Systems
  • Law 462 Insurance Law
  • Law 713 Health Care Privacy Law
  • Law 604 Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Law 735 Health Information Technology Law & Policy
  • Law 417 Labor Law
  • Law 402 Antitrust

Public Service Track:

  • Law 472 Mental Health Law
  • Law 323 Child Protection: Abuse & Neglect
  • Law 716 Disability Law
  • Law 702 Elder Law
  • Law 711 Legal Issues of AIDS

Governmental and Regulatory Track:

  • Law 728 Food and Drug Law
  • Law 742 Medicare and Medicaid Law
  • Law 719 Health Care: Fraud and Abuse
  • Law 302 Health Care Reform*
  • Law 472 Mental Health Law
*Typically offered as a 1 credit hour mini-course during the summer.

For detailed course descriptions, see the University Catalog.