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Curricular Opportunities

DePaul​'s comprehensive health law curriculum offers students access to theoretical as well as practical courses identified by prominent health law practitioners as essentials in the field of health law. Courses taught by experienced full-time and adjunct faculty who are experts in their fields, along with the practical experience opportunities offered by the Health Law Institute (JHLI), contribute to an outstanding health law education. DePaul's health law program, established in 1984 and one of the first of its kind in the nation, has been widely recognized as one of the top health law programs in the country.

The program and the JHLI offer law students an opportunity to gain a rigorous education in all aspects of health law through a curriculum that continually evolves as the field of health law changes. To meet the diverse needs of health law students, DePaul offers a variety of degree and non-degree granting options. JD students may obtain a Certificate in Health Law by satisfying JD requirements and the requirements of the specialized certificate program. The LLM in Health Law is designed for persons who have a JD degree and want to specialize in health law. DePaul is also developing programs to serve the educational needs of health professionals who do not seek to practice law, but who do or will regularly encounter legal issues in their professions.

With a diverse curriculum, innovative programs and respected faculty, DePaul's health law program is a leader in the education of future generations of health law partners, policy makers and critical thinkers.