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At least a few days before the exam

See Exam4 Support for hardware requirements and supported operating systems.

Download and install Exam4.

Take a practice exam to familiarize yourself with the software.

Practice Exam Instructions:

  • Click button for "Prepare to start a new exam" Click "Next."
  • Enter your four-digit anonymous“Exam ID.” Must enter it twice.
  • Enter your DePaul student ID in the box marked “Optional/protected info.”
  • Select your course from the dropdown. Select it again. Click “Next.”
  • Select either of the available “Practice Exams.” Select it again. Click “Next.”
  • Check box to reconfirm, Click “OK.”
  • If you wish, change screen font size and color (countdown timer not activated).
  • Click “Next” button.
  • Click "Got it?" Button – Click “Next.”
  • Check "CLOSED" Exam Mode and Click "Next." (this just means that you will be locked out of other programs while you take your exam.)
  • Begin the practice exam

Exam day

  • Make sure you have your computer plugged in or fully charged
  • Make sure your Campus Connect information is on-hand
  • Turn on the computer and follow the proctor's instructions
  • Start Exam4, then follow the in-class instructions

After the exam

  • Click “End Exam” tab at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click “End Exam Now.”
  • Check “Confirm” button and click “Ok, end exam.”
  • Click “Submit Electronically” - You may NOT save the exam to USB or computer.
  • Click “OK.”
  • You will see a green bar stating “Exam Submitted Successfully.”
  • Check “I understand” box, Click “OK.”
  • To fully exit Exam4, click “File & Save Options” in upper left corner. Click “Exit.”
  • Do not click to resubmit your exam. It has already been submitted.
  • You may not save a copy of your exam on a USB, your computer or any other device.