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Classroom Technology

Each classroom has a phone with a direct line to the University's Classroom Technology Hotline (2-5900) to address urgent in-class technology issues.

In addition, the Law Tech Team provides support and assistance to the College of Law community in using classroom equipment. Please contact us at

Support we provide:

  • Assistance with A/V equipment in the classroom
  • Training
  • Assistance with video recording and video streaming of class sessions and teleconferencing. (Staff availability permitting.  See Classroom & Event Video Streaming & Recording​ for more details)

Frequently Asked Questions about Classroom Technology

What teaching equipment is available in the classroom?

  • Windows PC
  • Wired network connection
  • Ceiling mounted projection unit
  • Large projection screen
  • DVD player (standalone or computer DVD drive)
  • VCR
  • Document camera
  • Amplifier and speakers
  • Cable connection bundle (monitor, network and sound connections) for laptops
  • Podium with control panel. All equipment components are integrated and controlled from the podium.

What software is available in the classroom?

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, Microsoft Suite 2013, Adobe Reader, Choice of web browsers
(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome). 

How can I access my presentation from the classroom computer?

To prevent issues with your presentations in the classroom, take the following steps:
  • Email your presentations to yourself then open them from your email
  • Save your presentations to a web-accessible file hosting service such as Dropbox
  • Save your presentations to a flash drive or CD and bring it to class.
Note: You should use at least two of the above options, as a backup. ​​

Can I reserve technology equipment for use in the lounge or conference room?

To request equipment that is not part of the instructional technology already available in the classroom, please contact the Law Tech Team,​​ at least 48 hours in advance with the following information: 
  • Classroom number and building
  • Date, start and end times of class
  • Your name and contact information
  • Requested technology.
​Mobile equipment that can be reserved include:
  • ​Amplifier cart with wireless lapel microphones
  • Portable ​speaker with stand

Is there technical support for the classroom?

An internal telephone is available in every classroom and connects directly to the University Classroom Technology Hotline, 2-5900.

The Law Tech Team,​, provides technical support M-F, from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

The university Help Desk ((312) 362-8765, or Campus Connect -> Technology Support Center) provides additional support.

Do I need to make appointment to receive training on the use of classroom equipment?

Please contact the Law Tech Team,​ , for help using classroom technology. The demonstration should not take more than ten minutes of your time and can be done in any classroom.

Do all classrooms at the College of Law have Wi-Fi access?

Yes. To connect to the University's wireless network, see​

Can my class be recorded or streamed for remote viewing?

Staffing availability permitting, LTT can assist with video recording, live conference calling, and live video streaming of class sessions and events for remote viewing. ​ ​​See this page for scheduling and more information​​​.​