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Classroom & Event Video Streaming & Recording

Class sessions, conferences, and events can be viewed by others live via streaming video, with remote participation via Skype, or recorded for later viewing.  Video recording by student technology assistants is generally available during weekday business hours with 72 hours advance notice.

Assistance during evenings and weekends may be possible as the student workers’ schedule permits, with prior arrangement well in advance.  (One week minimum, but the more notice the better.)

Live Streaming

To request that your class or event streamed in real time to remote viewers, please email us at with the following information:

  • Date
  • Start and end times
  • Room number(s) where the class or event is held
  • Is the event recurring?  What days, for how long?
  • Your name, email, and phone number
  • The title of the event or course name
  • Please specify if the recording should also be uploaded to D2L

Note: guest speakers must sign a release form before recording is made available for viewing.

Remote Conferencing via Skype

  1. Open Skype
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Select the Contacts tab
  4. Select Add Contacts
  5. Select Search the Skype Directory
  6. Type in the provided skype account you are trying to connect with
  7. Select their username and click the corresponding icon for video or audio call

Video Capture with Panopto

Panopto is an online learning application for recording classroom lectures, meetings, etc. for live or later viewing. Panopto is fully integrated with D2L and the contents of a Panopto recording of a given course are restricted to students enrolled in that course.

Features of Panopto:

  • Screen recording from your computer or device
  • Live webcasting of lectures or presentations
  • Video capture from multiple sources (web cam, powerpoint, etc)
  • Ability to search for recorded videos baed on keywords
  • Basic video editing
  • Remote participation during webcast
  • Control who can access each video

If you are unfamiliar with Panopto, please contact us at or contact FITS.
Visit, to schedule training on the Panopto system at DePaul University. You can also visit Panopto,, to learn more at your own pace.

More Panopto info:

To access Panopto, log in to D2L, click More (top right), and select Panopto from the navigation menu.

Before adding Panopto to your course set in D2L, you need to set a folder for the class you plan to record via Panopto. 
Set the Panopto folder in one of two ways:

  • Use the Course Navigation bar in D2L:
    1. Visit your D2L course site.
    2. Click More in the course navigation bar.
    3. Select Panopto from the dropdown menu's options. Your Panopto account will open in a new window with the new folder.

  • Use the Content area in the D2L course site:
    1. Visit your D2L course site.
    2. Select the Content tab from the course navigation bar.
    3. Open the module which will contain a Panopto link.
    4. Click the Add Existing Activities dropdown box.
    5. Select External Learning Tools .
    6. Select Panopto Recordings . Note: You should now have a link to Panopto in the module.
    7. Click the Panopto Recordings link, (last topic in the module). Your Panopto account will open in D2L, and the folder for your class will be displayed.