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3L Spotlight: Calvin Edwards

Calvin Edwards
Calvin Edwards graduated from DePaul University College of Law in May 2016, earning his Juris Doctorate, with a certificate in Health Law. In a conversation with E-pulse, Calvin, better known as Cal to his peers, shared his interests and favorite classes, experiences during law school, and provided advice for future health law students.

Cal graduated from Lewis University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. During his undergraduate studies, Cal became interested in health care law. His roommates’ majors were in healthcare focused areas, and he would often debate about topics in healthcare and the way law shaped health policy across the nation.

At DePaul College of Law, Calvin was drawn to the health law program, and the plethora of courses that it offers, including regulatory, transactional, litigation, and policy. Cal furthered his knowledge of health law through DePaul Journal of Health Care Law, where he was the Business and Managing Editor, and through Mary and Michael Jaharis Health Law Institute, where he was a member of the student advisory board. He thrived in each position, and helped with both the publishing of Volume 18 of the DePaul Health Care Law, as well as organization of JHLI Annual Symposium, entitled “The New Frontier of Health Innovation: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape.” True to his thirst for knowledge, Cal ventured out of the health law, and fully immersed himself in the law school experience.

Cal emphasized the importance of student organizations, Journals and Moot Court Society, of which he was a member, and urged new students to experience as many of these activities as they can. Through these groups Cal met many new life-long friends, and had the opportunity to hone in his writing and oral argument skills, the most invaluable qualities a practicing attorney can have.

At DePaul, Cal cherishes the practical experience he gained while working as a research assistant for professor Cary Martin-Shelby. He also wanted to thank professor Chapman, for the immense help in writing his article. He was also selected to participate in a poverty law clinic, where he wrote and argued a motion in court. His favorite classes at DePaul include Disability Law and Health Policy and the Law.

Outside the classroom, Cal’s experiences are as diverse as his school activities. Cal worked on criminal matters, dealing with post-conviction appeals, while working for now-retired Judge Paul Biebel, at 26th and California. There, he helped draft opinion orders, prepared memoranda for judges, and learned the inner workings of the courthouse. On the civil law side, he worked both at Goldberg Law Group, and Nyham, Bambrick, Kenzie and Lowry, where he experienced preparation for litigation, courtroom trials, developing medical chronologies, and fee schedules for clients. This was a great opportunity to gain practical legal experience that is so important to graduates entering the job market.

For entering students, Cal recommends to keep an open mind, and take an active role in both their extracurricular activities, and out-of-school opportunities. Cal learned a lot from his mentors, and passed that knowledge along to his many mentees. He shared that some of his fondest memories from DePaul included winning a raffle at PILA auction to take friends out, and the intense competitive moments of Moot Court versus Law Review Kickball game. 

Cal will be sitting for the Illinois bar in July of 2016, and we wish him the best of luck as he finalizes this step towards a great legal carrier, and look forward to having him as a valuable asset in out alumni network.​