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3L Spotlight: Tammie Ng

Tammie Ng will graduate from DePaul University College of Law with a Juris Doctor degree in May 2019. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science and a Minor in Music, she decided to attend law school. She believes that the study of law is essential because law is transparent in life. Transparent means to exist naturally, sometimes forgetting its presence, but never underestimating its importance and necessity. Whether we are aware of it or not, we live and breathe law every day.

During her time at DePaul, Tammie served as Lead Article Editor of the DePaul Journal of Health Care Law, where she had a rewarding experience working with her fellow Editorial Board Members and reviewing academic articles to publish. She also served as Symposium Liaison for The 2019 Jaharis Symposium on Health Law and Intellectual Property, where she had the opportunity to arrange and meet legal, technological, and medical experts from across the country. As an upper-level law student who was academically successful and wanted to help other students, Tammie also served as an Academic Success Program teaching assistant and Mentor to help others develop the skills that will contribute to their success.

Throughout her studies, Tammie believes the most important class is Evidence because understanding the Federal Rules of Evidence and comparative state law provisions is necessary for any field of practice. Legal Drafting was her favorite class because it covered drafting documents during the pretrial phase and examined strategic, ethical, and practical considerations necessary to draft real-life pleadings and motions.

DePaul has helped prepare Tammie for practice in Health Law by exposing her to new topics through unique courses and distinguished faculty. Being a fellow of the Mary and Jaharis Health Law Institute has allowed Tammie to gain valuable insight from diverse guest speakers and lecturers. Tammie also participated in the Summer Scholars Program as part of the institute, which provides qualified students with a substantive work experience in the area of health law.

Advice to rising 1Ls and 2Ls is a quote from the late Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Continue to stay hungry for knowledge and be intellectually curious, and stay foolish by being humble to expand the horizons of your journey to success. Three years of law school seems to be long at first, but it is actually not enough time to acquire every knowledge and practical skill needed for the vast field of law. Even with your strenuous schedule, make sure to cherish and enjoy every moment because it is an important experience of your learning process.

Tammie will be studying and preparing to take the bar exam. In her free time, Tammie enjoys attending concerts, practicing and performing the violin, and competing in badminton.​