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3L Spotlight: Madison Meadors

Receiving a degree in political science from San Diego State University was just another milestone for Madison’s ultimate goal of becoming a lawyer. Her original plan was to stay in San Diego, but after visiting Chicago for the first time she fell in love with the city and chose DePaul. When she first came to DePaul she wasn’t sure what exactly she wanted to do, but always thought medical malpractice would be interesting. She is now graduating with a health law certificate, which she says is a great background to have moving forward.

During her time at DePaul Madison competed on the Health Law Moot Court team where she had the opportunity to travel to Maryland for a competition. Additionally, in her 2L year she began clerking for Chilton, Yambert, and Porter, a defense litigation firm. She has since continued to work there and said it has been great experience to bring into the classroom.

One of her favorite classes taken at DePaul was Health Care Compliance & Regulation, taught by Professor Salim. What she enjoyed most about this class was the real world experience and examples Professor Salim incorporated into the class. It was much different than classes she experienced as a 1L and is something she recommends to rising students.

Madison’s recommendation for all 1Ls and 2Ls would be to get involved with an organization on campus. If it turns out the origination isn’t something you want to do right out of law school, the classes and synopsis you have attended will still give you a strong background knowledge to help you in any field.

After graduation Madison is planning on moving to Indianapolis to study for the Indiana state bar exam. She has accepted an offer from Eichhorn & Eichhorn where she will be doing medical malpractice defense. We wish Madison the best of luck on all her future endeavors!​