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3L Spotlight: Shuri Mawun

Shuri graduated from DePaul College of Law in May 2018 with a Certificate in Health Law. Throughout her time at DePaul, she actively participated in the Mary and Jaharis Health Law Institute as a way to stay up to date with health law and gain valuable insight from distinguished speakers. Shuri shared with E-Pulse her favorite memories as a DePaul law student, advice for future health law students, and where she hopes her career as an attorney will take her.

Shuri said her journey through law school has taught her to always keep going. She says the first year was challenging because she was still trying to understand exactly what the professor’s expectations were, while also being very eager to dive into the material. She said she had to rethink her study methods and learn a new approach to thinking critically. But ultimately, she learned to always keep going.

Shuri says her favorite class was Health Policy and the Law with professor Epstein. She enjoyed this class the most because she likes how professor Epstein teaches the course, and she especially loved the policy aspect of the classroom discussions.

When asked how DePaul helped prepare her for practice in health law, Shuri said The Health Institute was fundamental in making her realize that Health Law is comprised of many different practices. In particular, she says the many lecture panels with visiting attorneys helped her realize how diverse the field is and the numerous opportunities available for rising lawyers.

Shuri’s advice to rising 1L’s and 2L’s is to try to get as many internships/ externships as they can while in law school, in the different practice areas or sides of health law. This way, the students will have firsthand experience in the various aspects of health law; and, they will also have a better idea of what specific area they may like to practice in when it’s time to graduate. Shuri says the opportunity to engage in these opportunities after law school will be substantially limited.

Ultimately, Shuri’s favorite thing about DePaul Law School and the Health Law Institute is that she appreciated the many professors who really took their time to explain the material to her. She believes these professors and their teaching style was instrumental to her success as a law student at DePaul College of Law.

Shuri has received a job offer from the City of Chicago, Law Department. Shuri is looking forward to applying the legal skills she acquired while in law school to her career as a future attorney. ​