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3L Spotlight: Michael Bishop

Upon graduation from Loyola High School, Michael, a Northbrook, IL native, crossed the border to attend Indiana University where he majored in General Studies. After completing his degree, Michael felt that his natural affinity for reading, writing, and public speaking would help him thrive in law school, so he decided to pursue a career in law. Wishing to help those struggling with mental health obtain better access to quality treatment, Michael chose to pursue a certificate in Health Law in addition to his JD.

The Jaharis Health Law Institute prepared Michael for practice by educating him about the holistic nature of law. Michael learned that Health Law isn’t limited to healthcare policy; rather, it requires a broad and deep understanding of antitrust laws, business organizations, federal taxation, insurance law, and so much more.

When questioned about his favorite class in law school, Michael responded that it was a toss-up between Administrative Law taught by Professor David Franklin and Appellate Technique taught by Judge Warren Wolfson. Michael found these classes to be intellectually rewarding because both instructors challenged their students to bring their A-game to every class. Michael enjoyed the behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience that both professors shared with their students. He credits Professor Franklin and Judge Wolfson for his appreciation and understanding for how judges weigh efficiency, fairness, and precedent in the court room.

The best advice Michael received in law school is that “You will never work alone. As lawyers, we must work with teammates, clients, opposing counsel, and judges. To successfully advance yourself, you must work collaboratively and treat others with dignity and respect.” Michael values this advice because he strongly believes that law is a service oriented industry and that as lawyers, we are here to improve the lives of our clients.

After graduation, Michael plans to continue working at UpRight Law, a law firm utilizing technology to lower the financial burden associated with filing for bankruptcy. Michael is a member of a litigation team that is working to reform the current bankruptcy system. He hopes that his work will provide disadvantaged individuals greater access to justice. As Michael prepares to graduate, we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. ​