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3L Spotlight: Katy Green

Katy Green came to DePaul College of Law from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. Katy was determined to pursue a career in healthcare compliance; however, she discovered a passion for litigation after working for a birth injury litigation firm her 1L summer. Since then, Katy has been exploring various areas of health law through the classes offered at DePaul and other professional experiences; she has yet to find a topic in health law that does not interest her.

During her time at DePaul Katy has been instrumental in the Jaharis Health Law Institute. She has served as co-vice director of programming and ultimately the co-director of programming. Additionally, in her 2L year, she was a staff writer for the Health Institute’s E-Pulse Newsletter and went on to serve as Editor-in-Chief of E-Pulse this past year. In her 3L year Katy also acted as the Director for the 2017-18 Symposium for the Journal of Health Care Law.

Katy contributes much of her success at DePaul to the connections she made through the Jaharis Heath Law Institute. She is especially grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Professor Kate Schostok and Professor Wendy Epstein. To Katy, Professor Schostok and Professor Epstein both embody what it means to be a truly great professor by taking the time to be supportive not only on an academic level, but also on a personal level.

Katy has many great memories from her time at DePaul, in particular the Palsgraf lecture from her 1L Torts class with Professor Franklin, is one such memory she will never forget. Katy’s advice to incoming students and rising 2L’s is to get involved in the Health Law Institute right away and take advantage of the opportunities the Institute has to offer. Additionally, she stresses the importance taking a break from the stresses of law school to relax and enjoy the moment. And lastly, she encourages students interested in a career in health law to take the basic health policy classes and from there pursue what interests you the most.

Katy is now focused on studying for the bar exam. Her long-term goal is to find a rewarding job that allows her to pursue her passion in health law. She is also looking forward to taking a post-bar exam cruise to enjoy a little relaxation and time in the sun.

Author Bio:
Katie Johnson is currently a first-year law student at DePaul University College of Law. Ms. Johnson graduated from Valparaiso University with a degree in Nursing and Western Michigan University with a degree in Political Science. She is an active member of the Health Law Institute and will complete her law degree in 2020.​​