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3L Spotlight: Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan was born and raised in Chicago. Faizan began his journey at DePaul as an undergraduate student where he majored in Political Science and minored in Economics. He has had a passion for law since junior high because he loves solving problems and has always loved reading, writing, and public speaking. During law school, Faizan discovered his interest in health law, and his career goals include working to structure the country’s healthcare policy.

Faizan’s favorite law school class was Administrative Law with professor David Franklin. However, he believes that secured transactions, federal income taxation, and business organizations are also important classes to take while in law school. In addition to classes, Faizan helped start the Muslim Law Student Association, he was the 2016-17 Symposium Director for the Journal of Health Care Law, and was a staff writer for the Jaharis Health Law Institute’s newsletter, E-Pulse.

Faizan believes that DePaul gives its law students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on healthcare issues by having an online publication, the E-Pulse, where students can publish their work. He greatly enjoyed being a part of the Jaharis Health Law Institute and taking advantage of all the opportunities the Institute provides to students through lectures, a symposium, and employment opportunities.

Faizan’s best piece of advice for rising 1L’s and 2L’s is to continue to push yourself outside of your comfort zone because it is the only way you will truly learn and develop your skills. He also emphasizes taking every opportunity to work on your writing. Finally, Faizan emphasizes the importance of building a solid network of people you can trust and rely on and from whom you can seek advice, mentorship and guidance.

After graduation, Faizan will devote all of his energy toward preparing for the bar exam.​