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3L Spotlight: Joshua Gertz

Joshua Gertz graduated from DePaul University College of Law this May with a Certificate in Health Law. Josh shared with the E-Pulse what peaked his initial interest in health law, his experiences as a law student, advice for future health law students, and what the future holds for him.

With the passage of the Affordable Act, Josh observed that health law continues to be a developing field. With any developing field, opportunities for legal regulation are always available. As other legal fields shrink, health law seems to grow and prosper. Josh was eager to capitalize on this growth.

During law school, Josh clerked for the Law Offices of David M. Sternfield, LLC, the Law Offices of Ira Piltz, and the Department of Insurance. He was also a editorial board member of the DePaul Journal of Health Care Law, as well as an active member in the Health Law Institute and the Decalogue Society.

Of all the classes that Josh took during his time at DePaul, there was two classes that stood out: “Insurance Law” with Professor Max Helveston and “Health Care: Fraud & Abuse” with Professor Katherine Schostok. Professor Helveston and Professor Schostok provided an interesting and engaging learning environment that ultimately benefited the learning process.

When asked for advice for future health law students, Josh recommended that students take advantage of networking activities and fully utilize Health Law Institute contacts. In looking back on his own experiences, Josh advised other health law students to be more proactive. Focusing less on strict academics and more on development as a pre-professional.

Josh will be taking the July bar exam and has not finalized any future plans, but hopes to land somewhere in the private sector. When asked what his ultimate dream job would entail, Josh responded that “in-house counsel is always the dream job!” With his interest in medicine and health, Josh hopes to one day become in-house counsel for a pharmaceutical company, as “pharmaceuticals have a great impact on how people view their health and how diseases are managed.” 

We here at the E-Pulse wish Josh all the best in his future endeavors!