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Illinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys Spotlight: Jason Greis, JD

Attorney Jason Greis, Partner at McGuire Woods, LLP and Vice-President of the Illinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys (IAHA) shared with the E-Pulse his advice for current and prospective law students.


EP: When did you graduate from DePaul and did you get the health law certificate?

JG: I graduated from DePaul in 2005. I did not get the health law certificate, as I wasn’t certain of my career path at the time. However, graduating with the health law certificate is a positive differentiator in the marketplace so long as you do well in your courses.


EP: What advice do you have for students interested in a career in health law?

JG: Treat law school like it's your job. The job market is exceptionally difficult right now so, first and foremost, it is critically important to do well in your courses, especially those related to health care. Second, build up your resume with extracurriculars like internships, externships, clerkships or pro bono work. Third, get involved in and take leadership roles in IAHA, Chicago Bar Association, or any sort of bar association or extracurricular to build your network of connections.  Finally, once you land that first job out of school don’t be upset if it is not your dream job, but instead think of it as a “stepping stone” that will give you the practical experience you need to land your dream job in health care.


EP: How did you first get involved with the Illinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys (IAHA) and what is your involvement like?

JG: I joined right after graduation and after a couple of years of going to quarterly lectures, I began participating in a committee. After couple more years of serving on a committee and leading various committee efforts, I was nominated to become a member of the Board of Directors. Students and junior attorneys can easily get involved in this very accessible organization and it's a great way to build up your connections and learn more about what health care lawyers do on a daily basis.


EP: Any parting advice for law students?

JG: Treat law school like a job and the rest will likely fall into place.


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