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Seton Hall University's Health Care Compliance Program

This summer I had the fantastic opportunity of being selected for a full scholarship to attend Seton Hall University’s Health Care Compliance Program in Newark, New Jersey. I have always been interested in health care compliance and I am always looking for opportunities to supplement my health law coursework.

Seton Hall’s Compliance Program is a four-day educational program, held twice a year, that immerses attendees in the statutes, regulations, and other guidance that comprise healthcare-related laws to help them understand the legal underpinnings of the compliance programs they develop and enforce. Seton Hall hosts the program in Newark at their law school, in Paris, San Francisco, and Singapore. In attendance at the program was a small number of selected law students from various law schools, as well as pharmaceutical and medical professionals in compliance, legal, medical affairs, regulatory, and other related areas. This prestigious program invited speakers from large law firms, pharmaceutical compliance, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and professors from Seton Hall’s law school.

Students from all over the country were encouraged to apply to the Seton Hall University website for a $2,400 scholarship to attend the program in June. Competition was extremely stiff, with only two students overall selected for the scholarship. Nevertheless, I filled out the application, complete with a letter of recommendation from a health law professor, in my case, Director of the Health Law Institute, Katherine Schostok. I did not expect to be chosen, but happily, of the two students selected to attend the program in June, I was one of them! According to Seton Hall, I was selected based on my involvement in DePaul’s Health Law Institute, my coursework, and glowing letter of recommendation.

The program was invaluable and I have received numerous resources that I expect to use in my legal career. I also had the chance to network throughout the program’s luncheons and dinners. I met with Compliance Officers for large and small entities, pharmaceutical representatives, outside counsel for large corporations, and general counsel. I am very honored to have been selected for this program, and know that I would not have been such a competitive candidate without DePaul’s fantastic health law program.

I would encourage any student who is interested in this program to apply as early as possible. In addition, I would also recommend any health law attorneys who are interested in compliance to look into and attend any of the Seton Hall Health Care Compliance Programs.

I look forward to bringing the materials and knowledge I gained at the Program to DePaul in my coursework and classroom discussions!

For more information on the program, check it out here