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Cities and Migration: Plan, Policies, and Action

cities and migration
The DePaul Migration Collaborative's Second Annual convening brings experts, nonprofit leaders, students, scholars of migration, policy makers, and legal advisors to discuss contemporary migration issues in our Cities and Migration: Plans, Policies, and Action Symposium. This symposium will answer urgent and timely questions related to youth, health, law, housing, data and research, and labor with innovative solutions. This event offers 5 CLE credits to those applicable and CEU credit.

Address: 2311 N. Sheffield Ave. Suite 314 Chicago, IL 60614

Parking Address: 2331 N. Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL 60604

Those who requested a discount parking voucher will pick it up at the check-in table. This event is sold out in-person. Those still interested may register for the Symposium via Zoom and attend virtually

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Agenda: Agenda.pdf
Welcome Packet: Welcome Packet 2024.pdf
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