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DePaul Migration Collaborative’s Second Immigration Summit. Pictured: D.Cressler, J. Nyhof Rodriguez, S. Albiol, and  S. Sharma.

Advocating for Justice, Educating for the Future

DePaul University chooses to build on its existing strengths in human rights, its location, its mission, and the expertise of its faculty, practitioners, and students to position itself as a hub for migration, mobility and human rights. The DePaul Migration Collaborative unites these existing areas of excellence and leverages the power of interdisciplinary scholarly collaboration to pursue dynamic, community-engaged projects, advocacy and research. It builds on the strengths, skills and idealism of our students to make an impact in this field at all levels.

Faculty from diverse areas that include law, international studies, psychology, social work, conflict resolution, religious studies, public health and communication currently teach and work on issues central to migration and mobility. In 1996, the College of Law founded its nationally recognized Asylum & Immigration Law Clinicthat partners with community organizations and practitioners to provide high-quality legal representation to immigrants and refugees. In 2015, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences launched the first graduate program in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies in the United States and is now an internationally recognized leader in the field. 

The new cross-college Collaborative bridges the fields of law, public health, humanities and the social sciences.  It expands and deepens DePaul’s legacy as an immigrant-serving institution and fulfils a core Vincentian value of working together for systemic change.