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NALP member law schools support a policy of providing job search assistance to students and graduates of other schools through reciprocity. This allows law schools to provide reasonable access to their career resources for a prescribed period of time for law students and graduates from other law schools that agree to provide similar services. This Reciprocity Policy, in part or as a whole, may be modified by DePaul University's Office of Professional & Career Development​ at any time, without advance notice.

SECTION 1. DePaul Law Students & Alumni - Access to Other Law Schools

DePaul Law students and alumni may request access to the career office at a law school in another city for a prescribed period of time by delivering the Reciprocity Form (found in Vincent's Resources Tab) by email or hand delivering to DePaul's Office of Professional & Career Development (PCD). Please note that many law schools have blackout dates during which time reciprocity requests will not be granted. Our office will notify you by email of the outcome of your reciprocity request as soon as we receive confirmation from the school from which you are seeking reciprocity. Please note that reciprocity services are a privilege and are not guaranteed.

If you have questions about reciprocity, please email or call (312) 362-8385.

SECTION 2. Students & Alumni from Other Law Schools - Access to the Office of Professional & Career Development (PCD)

PCD provides reasonable access to resources for Reciprocity Seekers (a student at or graduate from a law school other than DePaul Law) from law schools outside of the Chicago area that allow similar access to their services on a reciprocal basis. The specifics of the policy are listed below. Please note the following:

  • Reciprocity services are available only to ABA-accredited law schools which allow DePaul Law students and alumni use of their facilities.
  • Reciprocity is not available to a Reciprocity Seeker from a Chicago-area law school.
  • Pursuant to an agreement among the law schools comprising The Chicago Area Law School Consortium (CALSC), reciprocity services are not available to a Reciprocity Seeker already granted reciprocity by another Chicago-area law school.

A Reciprocity Seeker's career office should send the completed Reciprocity Form or an email containing the following information to PCD:

  1. Full Name of Your Law School
  2. Full Name of Reciprocity Seeker
  3. Reciprocity Seeker's Graduation Year
  4. First Date You Wish to Access DePaul Law's Job Search Resources
  5. Mailing Address of Reciprocity Seeker
  6. Reciprocity Seeker's Email and Phone Number
  7. Additional Information You Want Us to Know
  8. Career Office Contact's Name, Title, Email and Phone
  9. Date of Request

If you have questions about reciprocity and/or would like to obtain a Reciprocity Form, please email or call (312) 362-8385.

  • Reciprocity requests are usually processed within two business days of receipt. PCD will email the Reciprocity Seeker (assuming an email address is provided) and his/her law school career office a letter granting or denying reciprocity.
  • Reciprocity will begin on the date that PCD sends confirmation that reciprocity has been granted. No walk-in requests will be honored.
  • Reciprocity services are available for a period of six consecutive months from the date on which reciprocity is granted.
  • A Reciprocity Seeker granted reciprocity by DePaul Law will be given access to job postings as a visiting student via Symplicity (the job posting database utilized by the Office of Professional & Career Development).
  • Once the Reciprocity Period (the period in which reciprocity services are granted)for a Reciprocity Seeker expires, that Reciprocity Seeker cannot seek reciprocity privileges with DePaul Law for at least one full calendar year after the date on which the Reciprocity Period expired.
  • Reciprocity services will be denied to a Reciprocity Seeker (i) from any law school surpassing three (3) requests within a given calendar year or (ii) who misuses PCD services.
  • Reciprocity services DO NOT include the following:
    • Career advising services;
    • Access to career office computers;
    • Review of application materials (rsums, cover letters, and the like);
    • Mock interviews;
    • Participation in any DePaul Law-sponsored recruitment program;
    • Appointments with prospective employers on DePaul Law's campus;
    • Participation in any DePaul Law career-related programming; or
    • Rsum collection or rsum book services.
  • Reciprocity is a privilege extended to a Reciprocity Seeker and is granted on a case-by-case basis. A grant of reciprocity is not guaranteed.
  • PCD reserves the right to deny or terminate reciprocity extended to a Reciprocity Seeker at any time. Misrepresentation of reciprocity status by the Reciprocity Seeker and/or misuse of any DePaul Law/PCD resources will result in the immediate termination of present privileges and denial of future requests.

SECTION 3. Blue Demons - Access to PCD

PCD provides reasonable access of resources to Blue Demons (a graduate of any college - other than Law - of DePaul University who is a student at or graduate of any law school other than DePaul University College of Law who is seeking reciprocity with DePaul University College of Law's Office of Professional & Career Development​) as follows.

  • For the time period of one (1) calendar year from the date of a Blue Demon's law school graduation, reciprocity privileges will be subject to the terms of Section 3 of this policy. Once that time period elapses, Blue Demons will be given unlimited access to PCD job postings via Vincent.
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