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Alumni Spotlight - Stephen V. D'Amore ('94)

Q. What were some of your notable experiences at DePaul Law (classes, professors, student organizations, etc.)?

Like many attorneys, there were a handful of professors that had a profound impact in shaping my thinking about the law and the legal profession. First and foremost, was Professor Elliott Abramson.

Professor Abramson was my first-year contracts professor. If you have seen the movie The Paper Chase, he was a carbon copy of the law professor in that film. He taught me about the importance of critical reading and analysis. I have kept only one textbook from law school and it is my first-year contracts textbook. My practice is commercial litigation and contracts is the foundation of commercial law. As described in the introduction of that textbook, contracts also served the purpose of teaching students how to think like a lawyer. Beyond his contracts class, Professor Abramson emphasized to his students the importance of other great disciplines outside of the law. For him, this was literature, music, and Brooklyn Dodgers baseball. Professor Abramson and his class shaped the way I felt about becoming a lawyer and was among the most significant experience during my time in law school.

The other professor that was outstanding was Professor Michael Jacobs. He was my first-year torts professor, and then antitrust teacher. I clerked for him and we have remained friends. Professor Jacobs attended our wedding. He was influential in teaching me about the intersection between the law and American business. Torts was the worst grade I received in law school and Professor Jacobs gave it to me. Yet, I still loved him.

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