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FGLP Scholars (2023 Cohort)

Aneesa will be attending DePaul University for her undergraduate degree next school year and would also love to attend DePaul for her graduate education. Aneesa has a deep love for English and believes it is a powerful literature tool that ignites a need for change in our society. Her interest in English commenced after watching the movie Collateral Beauty, which showed her how English can be used for symbolic and foreshadowing purposes. This gave Aneesa the inspiration to write her own poems and short stories. She intends to use literature such as her stories to unite people by creating themes of achieving social justice and combating inequality in education. Aneesa also has great interest in law, which came from her aunt when one day at age 11 she visited her aunt’s law office and immediately feel in love with the aspects of law. Her enthusiasm for law has only grown from that day and transformed into wanting to bring forth social and individual change. Aneesa wants to achieve this by transforming communities impacted by poverty and oppressive social constructs. Her goal is to reconstruct these under-resourced communities relationship with law by making it more fair and just for those in it. 

Education: Universal School 

David grew up loving superheroes and was amazed by the fact that no matter the cost these characters would help anyone in need. This created David’s passion for wanting to be a hero and change people’s lives who are in need of help. He will be continuing this passion by studying at Saint Xavier University and taking the route of criminal justice, which David feels is his best opportunity to help those in need. David lost his father two years ago and from that became much more involved in helping his family. He recalls having to speak to the lawyer as his mother was not the best a speaking English and witnessed a true hero. In David’s own words he states, “I remember my mom reaching into her purse ready to ask how much for her services, and the lawyer who barely knew us told my mom and I not to worry about it. I was just in shock by how much compassion a person can have so much compassion for a stranger”. This event gave David an even larger drive to become a lawyer and help out those who are struggling. David’s dream one day is to be able to help his mom financially as she is the reason why he is still going today and one of the main reasons why he wants to be a hero. 

Education: John F. Kennedy High School

Jazmin is set on attending DePaul University in the coming year and intends on majoring in criminal law with a pre-professional program of pre-law. She also has a want to participate in volunteering and events at the university and plans on getting a job at a law firm or working as an intern to better prepare her for law school. Jazmin comes from an immigrant family, which has only elevated her passion for law. Jazmin states, “I saw how important justice was when my mother was fighting for her legal residency to be in the United States.” From this Jazmin realized that she wants to fight for justice for those who do not have a voice and break stereotypes of minorities by becoming a lawyer. Jazmin strives to achieve the satisfaction of knowing that she made a difference and created a positive impact on her community. She looks forward to working in positions for her community such as a representative or working for a non-profit organization. Jazmin is very excited to learn skills in undergrad and law school that will prepare her for the world and allow her to change many people’s lives for the better. 

Education: Warren Township High School 

Marlen is a Mexican American student who has always had an interest in criminology and law. This comes from growing up listening to true crime podcasts and playing unsolved case files. She also became very interested in criminology/law after witnessing good people such as family members denied opportunities just because they were undocumented. From this she formed a passion for wanting to represent those who are looking for citizenship and help them ease the hardships within their lives. Marlen also has a passion for helping minorities in the criminal justice system, as she states, “Growing up as a Mexican American has opened my eyes to these prejudices. I seek to understand these injustices in order to combat the inequality on the path to becoming a strong attorney”. Marlen is looking forward to bettering herself in these areas of law and truly wants to make a difference for those who have been shunned or denied opportunities in life because of where they are from. 

Education: Woodstock North High School 

Luz grew up in the south side of Chicago and witnessed a lot of violence and injustice within her community. From this Luz formed a passion for law and helping those who have to fight for the little that they have and provide opportunities for those who have not been given them. Luz’ current plans for further education is attending Northeastern University in Boston and will be majoring in criminal justice and psychology. She plans on attending law school in Chicago after graduating from Northeastern and working in the juvenile court as a public defender after achieving her law degree. Luz is extremely interested in psychology as it will allow her to understand why many young adults and kids may be confused about the environment they are in. This will allow her to understand the feelings of those in underprivileged positions and give her the motive to help those obtain the resources they need to succeed from a law position. Luz is tired of the law system consistently failing those who don’t have opportunities and is looking to change that and create a major impact on communities, especially young adults/kids.  

Education: Whitney M. Young Magnet High School 

Shayla will be attending DePaul for her undergraduate degree majoring in political science and looks forward to volunteering in events and organizations. Shayla gained her love for political science in high school during her interactive government class, in which she took upon a leadership role and studied laws and the history surrounding politics. Her love for politics is what has driven her to pursue a law degree after she completes her undergrad schooling. Shayla also has a love for her community and strives to make an impact on people’s lives through law and politics. She wants to bring happiness to families and disown the stereotypes that many young kids are put through such as herself. Shayla is ready to learn and gain the amazing experiences in law and politics that will shape her as a future leader.  

Education: West Chicago Community High School 

Erika is a first generation college student and will be attending the University of Chicago on a full-ride scholarship. She will be studying pre-law and minoring in math, while planning on attending law school in the city after she achieves her undergraduate degree. Erika is very family orientated and cherishes the sacrifices her parents have gone through to get her where she is today. Her interest in law especially relating to immigration and politics stems from her love for her parents and the dream that one day she can gift them a way back to Mexico so they can be with their parents as well. Erika’s father immigrated here when he was 16 and from that she realized how hard it must have been to leave your family behind to pursue a better opportunity. From this Erika’s passion in law escalated and she has been active in the political law scene since she was little. For example, translating any new immigration law to her parents and having to give them the good or bad news that impacted there family. Erika’s passion is only growing day by day and one day she hopes to work in D.C and create a major impact on bettering immigrant’s lives. 

Education: Lane Tech College Prep

Malaisha’s current college plans are to attend DePaul University for her undergraduate degree and her goal is to find a pathway that will allow her to achieve her bachelor’s degree in criminology/criminal justice. Malaisha gained this passion in criminal law from growing up and seeing a lot of injustice especially in less fortunate communities. This created her will to want to give back to these communities and give them a fair chance in the law system. Malaisha grew up in the west side of Chicago, which historically has been underserved and ignored when it comes to legal advocacy. She states, “I see it all the time and it moves me to be in a position to help and create resources”. From this Malaisha formed her goal of bringing literacy to the community and becoming an advocate of justice for black and brown people.

Education: DRW College Prep

Alejandro is a first generation American who has always had a love for political science and economics and wants to pursue that love even further within a college education. This love stems from his parents who are immigrants who moved from Guanajuato, Mexico to the United States. Alejandro parents have always instilled in him the importance of education and the skills that it can provide him for his future. Alejandro is also a part of the Evanston Scholars program which has provided him with the understanding of what he will be doing in college and provided him the skills to succeed. His passion for law stems from wanting to make a change in our current immigration system and help shape polices to better the lives of immigrants. Alejandro also has a massive drive to work hard in this world and one of his main focuses is creating generational wealth for his family and creating a great life here but also not losing his ties to his culture. 

Education: Evanston Township High School 

Annabelle’s future plans include enrolling into a four-year university with DePaul among her top choices. She is most excited to learn more about criminology, criminal justice, and law in general due to her genuine passion for the justice system. Annabelle enjoys learning about subjects that actively impact others because she wants to learn different ways to fix prominent issues within the justice system. Annabelle is Assyrian and is excited to earn a law degree as it would be a great achievement since her parents were unable to attend college due to war. Annabelle wants to take real action in the world and make positive changes in people’s lives. This is of importance to her because she hopes to be the relief that people need and the assistance that others deserve in order for justice to be rightfully served. Being a leader is an essential part to Annabelle’s character because not only can she help others, but she can help others accomplish their goals. She hopes to one day leave her mark in the law field. 

Education: Maine East High School


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