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Illinois Supreme Court Rule 711 Licenses

Illinois Supreme Court 711 license applications are available on the website at

A Juris Doctor student currently in good standing who has earned credits that represent at least one-half (43 credits) of the credits required for graduation (86 credits) may be eligible for a 711 license.

711 licenses are not available for students who work for private law firms. The 711 license is available for work with (1) a legal aid bureau, legal assistance program, organization or clinic chartered by the State of Illinois or approved by a law school approved by the American Bar Association. (2) the Office of the Public Defender, or (3) a law office of the state or any of its subdivisions.

Application Procedures

  • Complete the top section of the application.
  • Enter your name and address.
  • Attach a recent 1" x 1" photograph.
  • Give the application to the attorney who will supervise you and have that supervisor complete the bottom section of the form. That portion of the application must include the agency name and address, type of agency, name and signature of supervisor, date signed and law student's signature.
  • Give the form to Natasha Hatchett in Student Affairs. She will send the form to the administrative office of the Illinois courts.
  • Processing time is 2-3 weeks. The license will be mailed to your home address.