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Executive Board

DePaul Law SBA 2018-2019 Executive Board
Top row, left to right is India Rios, Director of Events; Ralph Loyola, Chief of Staff; Brittany Butler, Secretary; Jason Whitehead, Director of Communications and Allie Miceli, Treasurer. Front row from left to right is Alexander Martell, Speaker of the Senate; Ashlee Germany, President; Betsy Wermuth, Vice President.

Dear DePaul Law Community,

My name is Ashlee Germany. I am a rising third year student, and I am honored and excited to serve as Student Bar Association (SBA) President for the 2018-2019 academic school year. As President of SBA, it is my responsibility to advocate for every member of the student body and to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard for the betterment of DePaul Law. I am committed to cultivating an open and friendly environment at DePaul where every student can succeed in.

This year the SBA will strive to build a law school culture that is inclusive, ambitious and built on team work. In addition to our annual events, such as Barrister’s Ball, the SBA will host several events and programs that will connect students with alumni and faculty. These events will be focused, fun and allow students the opportunity to develop the communication and networking skills to take out into legal field in the forthcoming years.

As a law student at DePaul you will be rewarded with a diverse student body and given numerous opportunities to join several different student organizations. I encourage every student to take advantage of both. We are all here to support one another and make sure that DePaul continues to serve its students and the outside community.

The SBA door is always open, please do not hesitate to share questions or concerns with any SBA officer. I look forward to working with you this year.


Ashlee Germany
President, Student Bar Association
DePaul University College of Law​

Stefani Perez

Mariah Whitner
Vice President

McKenzie Lee

Carli Wright
Director of Communications

Marbella Espadas
Director of Events

Brittany Lowis

De'ja Fox
Speaker of Senate