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Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association, known as SBA, is the student government of the College of Law. SBA oversees the entire student body and all student organizations, and is the bridge between faculty, staff, the administration, and students. SBA’s purpose is to foster community in the College of Law, to encourage personal and professional growth, and to be a vocal advocate for students with the administration.

SBA has three branches: The Executive Board, the Senate, and Committees.

The Executive Board oversees the day-to-day operations of SBA, leads the SBA Senate and Committees, engages with student organizations, and works directly with the administration. Within the Executive Board, the SBA and student organization budgets are managed by the Treasurer, who works with the administration to allocate funds for students organizations and SBA itself.

The Senate is led by the Speaker of the Senate and is made up of elected representatives from each class. The number of representatives per class changes depending on the incoming class size, but there is always an equal number of Senator positions for each class.

Committees are chaired by SBA officials, but are open to the entire student body. Committees plan or collaborate on events, identify problems, build strategic initiatives, and report back to the Senate. The current committees can be found in your orientation materials on D2L, DeHub and the College of Law website. The Special Events Committee is chaired by the Director of Events. This committee coordinates SBA’s signature events throughout the year and often partners with student organizations on other community-building opportunities. Previous events include: 1L Week, Bar Review, Third Thursday Brunch, Fall Formal, and Barrister’s Ball. The Diversity and Mental Health committees represent the unique interests of law students with regards to diversity and mental health. These two committees host Diversity Week and Mental Health Week each year. The Mentorship Committee runs our 1L student mentorship program. 1L participants are paired with an upper-level law student who shares similar career goals, hobbies, life experiences, or 1L professors, and is there to help you adjust to law school life.

To keep up with SBA, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and DeHub, DePaul’s student organization online portal. On DeHub, you can request to be a member of SBA to get email updates from us. We also maintain a physical calendar in the Lewis 2nd Floor Lounge and a digital calendar.