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Student Bar Association

What is the Student Bar Association?

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the students' voice. Similar to student government associations, the SBA serves the law students. There are three branches of the SBA: (1) the executive board, (2) the judiciary and (3) the senate. Each officer is elected, except for the three supreme court justices, who undergo a rigorous appointment process. The executive board consists of the president, vice president, and others who directly interact with the administration, work with other student organizations, and plan many events for students throughout the school year. The judiciary consists of three justices, one chief justice and two associate justices. The judiciary addresses conflicts that are brought to it by the SBA.

The senate is comprised of elected student officers from each class (four per class). Many senators act as committee chairs for our many different committees. A few select senators are part of the SBA's Dean's Advisory Council (DAC). DAC expresses the student body's concerns and issues as to upcoming events and important announcements. They are responsible for communicating messages between the administration, students, student organizations and the SBA executive board.