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Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) not only acts as the middleman between students and the administration, but also as your on campus voice. SBA consists of current law students representing each year in law school. Just like the government of the United States, SBA has three branches: (1) the executive board, (2) the judiciary, and (3) the senate. Excluding the supreme court justices, all positions within the SBA are elected by the students. The executive board consists of: the president, the vice president, the treasurer, and other various positions. The executive board works with the student organizations in order to plan events throughout the year. The judicial branch consists of one chief justice and two associate justices. The judicial branch addresses concerns and conflicts that are brought to SBA.

The senate consist of four elected officers from each class level: first year, second year, third year, and evening students. As an elected senator, the student will chair or serve on committees which deal with various topics, events, or administrative offices. The SBA senators act as a direct voice amongst the general body and will bring students questions and concerns to the monthly senate meetings.

Further, the Student Bar Association takes an active role with on campus events. Over previous years, SBA has hosted events such as: Mental Health Week, 3L week, Diversity Week, Third Thursday breakfasts, and many others. It is SBA’s goal to have student actively participate in all that DePaul University College of Law has to offer.