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Class of 2009 Employment Statistics

In 2009, 320 students graduated from the College of Law*. Of those students, 317 (99.1%) provided information in response to the graduate employment surveys. Not all graduates shared salary information or provided answers to all survey questions.

For the Class of 2009, 92.8% of all graduates seeking employment reported being employed as of nine months after graduation. This figure excludes graduates who reported that they were not seeking employment at the time of the survey, graduates enrolled in a full-time degree program, and graduates whose status was unknown. The employment statistics requested by the ABA and NALP, and provided here, include all employment, whether it is in the legal industry or in non-legal sectors, and also include full-time, part-time, long-term or short-term employment.

Additional employment information for the Class of 2009 can be found in this report​.

* The figures reported for the Class of 2009 include those students graduating in May 2009, July 2009, and December 2008 (per NALP guidelines).

DePaul 2009 Graduates Reporting Employment By Sector

DePaul 2009 Graduates Reporting Salary By Sector*

*7 graduates reported being employed but did not provide employment information. Of those graduates reporting employment, 139 graduates provided salary information (there was one graduate who provided a salary but the employment sector is unknown).

DePaul 2009 Graduates Reporting Employment*

*7 employed graduates did not specify Part-Time or Full-Time (5 Bar Passage, 1 JD Preferred, 1 Non-Professional).

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