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The College of Law awards a limited number of scholarships to entering first-year law students, primarily based on academic merit. The College of Law considers admitted students for these scholarships at the time of admission, and includes a notification of scholarship eligibility in the acceptance letter. Please contact the College of Law Office of Admission for any questions you may have regarding scholarships.

First-Year Dean's Scholarship Information

All entering students are automatically considered for available scholarship awards. There is no separate application. Dean's Scholarships are renewable scholarships awarded to entering law students based upon their achievements, personal qualities and potential to contribute to the DePaul law community. These renewable scholarships range from a few thousand dollars per year to $42,500 per year. Beginning with first-year students entering the College of Law in Fall 2013, Dean's Scholarships are guaranteed in the same amount for the student's remaining academic years, provided that the student continues enrollment in the division in which they were admitted. There is no GPA requirement to renew the award.

Part of your financial aid package may include scholarships established by the generosity of alumni and friends. During your time at DePaul Law, the Office of Advancement may reach out to connect you with your scholarship benefactor.​

Scholarship Retention Information

Dean's Scholarships do not stipulate a minimum cumulative GPA in order for renewal. The scholarships automatically renew every year a student remains in good academic standing. Scholarships are not reduced or eliminated. In addition, full-time day students receive a guaranteed three-year package rate. Full-time day students enrolled in 12 to 16 credit hours each semester will receive a guaranteed tuition package rate that will be guaranteed from their year of matriculation, and will not increase in the subsequent two academic years.

The American Bar Association requires that law schools that offer or have offered "conditional scholarships" disclose the retention rate of such scholarships. Conditional scholarships are scholarships that require the student maintain a minimum grade point average or class rank, other than what is required to remain in good academic standing.

The College of Law does not award conditional scholarships. Beginning with the 2013 entering class, all scholarships are guaranteed provided the student is enrolled in classes at DePaul University College of Law. Because our renewable scholarships are not conditioned on law school academic performance, we do not post the ABA conditional scholarship retention chart.

Additional Scholarships

Please review the external and internal scholarship pages for additional opportunities.

External ScholarshipsInternal Scholarships

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