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Waitlist Confirmation Information

​Welcome to the Waitlist Confirmation site at DePaul University College of Law. You have been directed to this site to confirm your interest in remaining on the waitlist, and to learn more about the waitlist process. This site is intended only for the use of applicants who have been placed on the waitlist and received email notification from the Office of Admission at the College of Law.

Important Information for all Waitlisted Applicants:
  • You must complete the Waitlist Confirmation Form to remain active and under consideration for admission. If we do not receive the form within two weeks from receipt of your email notification, we will assume that you do not wish to remain on the waitlist.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot assess your chances of being admitted from the waitlist, nor can we estimate when that will occur. We will continue to monitor our applications and tuition deposits, and will immediately notify you in the event you are admitted from the waitlist.
  • There is no deadline for waitlist decisions. If necessary, we will maintain a waitlist until the first week of classes in mid-August.
  • Your application is complete and there is no need to submit any additional materials. Should you wish to submit a letter of continued interest, additional letters of recommendation, an updated transcript or an updated resume, you may do so through LSAC or via email at
  • The Online Waitlist Confirmation Form will permit you to indicate your interest in (1) the full-time day program only, (2) the part-time evening program only, or (3) either program. Applicants who were waitlisted for the full-time program increase their chances of being admitted by indicating an interest in being considered for either program.
  • Full-time applicants who indicate that they would like to be considered for admission to either program will in no way jeopardize their admission to the full-time program. Being considered for any available seats will not affect the applicant’s chances of being admitted to the full-time program.

Waitlist Confirmation Registration

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